Some POCs to share

Posted by Paul Dijou on Nov 27, 2012 Comments Improve this article

Some POCs

Hi there,

I’ve been a bit busy lately but I’m back on game. Looking for a job in Paris, I’ve been asked to do some code over more or less funny subjects and now that it’s done, I will share them, maybe it could help people to see some code around some technologies. It’s not at all perfect code, more experiments I’ve done.

Mowing is mainly a CoffeeScript project about giving orders to some automatic mowers and see the result. My goal was to test that new syntax around JavaScript and I have to admit it’s quite cool. You can see the result here (don’t ever do it in large grids). The source code is here on GitHub

Mowing-java is the Java version of Mowing. So in fact, it’s nearly the same syntax since you can create class in CoffeeScript but this one runs on a JVM. See here for source code.

Finally, GSearch is an AngularJS application built using Yeoman. Its goal is to plug on GitHub API and allow you to search through repositories and users and display informations and stats about them. Here is the result and go there for source code.

Of course, any feedback is welcome! I can be bugs, features, questions, anything…

NigthHacking Tour 2012

I’ve given a small quicky about RichFaces Bootstrap and RichFaces 5 on Paris a few weeks ago. Just so you know…

Are you in Paris?

Let’s finish with a personal note. I will be living in Paris from now and for quite some time. So if you living there or just passing by and want to grab a beer and talk about Java EE, HTML5, RichFaces, or anything cool, just let me now! Also if you are giving conferences or doing dojos or katas in the area, be sure to notice me so I can come to the next one. Thanks.