About me

Avatar Hi there! My name is Paul Dijou and I'm a web developer interested in anything that is both new and cool in this world. Like lots of people, I'm an open-source advocate, I use OSS every day and it's like eating cookies with peanut butter and whipped cream and ice cream without getting fat (== awesome).

Recently, I'm trying to contribute. Time for payback! You can follow my pull requests on my Github page.

More personnaly, I'm French. It probably explains why there might be quite some English mistakes on my blog. For all English native speakers, I'm really sorry about that. Be sure I do my best to improve my skills. When I have lot of free time (like twice a year), I enjoy taking photos, traveling and skiing (best sport ever).

Under is my social world. Feel free to plug in any of those.

About the website

The website code is generated by using Jekyll which is a real awesome tool. If you want a generator engine for HTML website and you are not afraid by a bit of Ruby code, you need to give it a try!

The whole site is hosted at GitHub in a Git repo. The master branch contains the generated code you are currently seeing in your browser, the develop branch contains the Jekyll code in order to generate this code. For more info about hosting a website on GitHub, read GitHub Pages help.